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Back on Track Therapeutic Horse Mesh Neck Cover

Back on Track Therapeutic Horse Mesh Neck Cover


This Therapeutic Horse Mesh Neck Cover was designed using breathable mesh coupled with Back on Track's Welltex material.  This combination not only works to reflect your horse's body energy, creating a soothing far infrared effect but also allows your horse's skin to breathe.  This horse neck cover can be used prior to excerise to help warm up and loosen your horse's muscles or following exercise to help with recovery time in your horse's muscles.  The Back on Track Therapeutic Horse Mesh Neck Cover is designed for use with the Therapeutic Horse Sheet only.  It is not meant for use with the therapeutic horse fleece blanket or therapeutic turnout sheet.  When choosing your horse's size, please keep in mind that it should correspond with your horse's blanket size. 

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  • Instructions for washing

    Back on track products can be machine washed at 40 degrees Celsius / 104 degrees Farenheight with a mild detergent. Because Back on Track Welltex technology is permanently infused into the fabrics, the products can be laundered with no loss of benefit. Do not bleach these products. Do not tumble dry these products. Line dry only. If necessary, products may be ironed at a maximum temperature or 122 degrees Farenheig

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