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Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Sheet

Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Sheet


This best selling Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Sheet may be helpfull for horses that show sore backs, tight muscles, arthritic issues, or a tendency to be stiff.  Wearing the Mesh Sheet following anything from a trail ride to showing may help your horse recover and prepare for the next day of competition or exercise.  This Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Sheet is made with state-of-the art Welltex material, which reflects your horse's own body energy, creating a soothing far infrared thermal effect.  This effect may increase blood circulation, helping your horse's muscles recover, stay loose, and become less inflamed.  In the warmer months, the Mesh Sheet may also be used 30-45 minutes before exercise to help loosen your horse's muscles.  For optimal results, the Mesh Sheet should be used anywhere from 30 minutes to overnight.  This product is often combined with the Mesh Neck Cover.  

  • Sizing

    Using a cloth measuring tape, start at the middle of the chest, along the side of the horse to the rump, ending 10"-12" below the dock (base of the tail). Blanket sizes are in 3" increments.

  • Washing Back on Track Products

    Back on Track products can be machine washed at 40 degrees Celsius/104 degrees Farenheight with a mild detergent.  Because Back on Track Welltex technology is permanently infused into the fabrics, the products can be laundered with no loss of benefit.  Do not bleach these products.  Do not tumble dry these products.  Line dry only.  If necessary, products may be ironed at a maximum temperature or 122 degrees Farenheight.

  • Specfic Instructions for Use

    The effect of Back on Track products increases with movement as the body's enery increases, so in addition to using pads and blankets in the stables, the horse should also use these products when moving, especially with products such as the leg wraps, saddle pads, exercise sheets, and blankets.  For long term issues, your horse may need to use Back on Track products for an extended period.  After use for 2-3 weeks, you can take one week break to access the issues and determine if the products are working.  

    When using Back on Track products, be sure to take regulare breaks from use. 

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