Horseware Ireland Rambo Ionic Stable Boots


Utilizing new Ionic technology, increase circulation, oxygen delivery to cells and tissue, among other benefits, with these useful stable boots, great for travelling or use in the stable.

  • Features

    • Neoprene outer with a removable insert made with polycotton fabric and printed with our Ionic technology
    • With removable liners to promote circulation using our new Ionic technology
    • Increases circulation, increases oxygen delivery to cells and tissue, restores ph balance, strengthening the immune system, reduces blood pressure, removes toxin from the body
    • Full boot: 13" Hx 12"W with inner wrap: 17" H x 17" W
    • X-Full boot: 15"Hx 12"W with inner wrap: 19"Hx 18"W
    • Sizes: Full, Oversize
    • Colors: Black with Orange
  • Benefits of Rambo Ionic Technology

    • Encourages circulation 
    • Stimulates metabolism 
    • Increased oxygen delivery to cells and tissue 
    • Strengthens the immune system 
    • Restores pH balance 
    • Restores blood pressure
    • Promotes calmness & well being 

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