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Won Saddle Pad - 1" thick felt

Won Saddle Pad - 1" thick felt

SKU: wonpadone

The Won Saddle Pad is a neoprene back felt saddle pad.  Has high quality synthetic felt that is backed with scuba quality neoprene.  The Won horse saddle pad will prevent saddle slippage, over cinching and promote the horse to sweat which will keep your horse cooler.

  • 1" felt back with 4mm neoprene
  • 3/4" length wear leathers on both sides (assorted colors)
  • Regular Vent - Three vent holes down the spine of the pad
  • Flex Vent - One 6" wither vent, and 4, 6" cross vents (perpendicular to the spine). Designed to fit a horse with higher  withers.   
  • WonPad Care Instructions

    To extend the life of your WonPad, wash the neoprene regularly with mild soap and water, making sure to remove all soap residue from the surface before putting it up to dry.  Never use cleaners that contain bleach or other harsh chemicals.

    Avoid pulling the neoprene across wooden or metal racks that may catch the neoprene causing cuts and tears.  Whenever possible, lift the WonPad up rather than pulling it across any surface.

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